Selena Gomez Kicks Off New Tour in Dixon

Embarking on a brand latest journey, Selena Gomez took the stage in Dixon, California on the first night of her latest visit on Saturday (May 7).
Photos : Performance on the stage. 

The Disney sweetheart walked singing to the screams of her loving fans, as she delivered all of the hits with a unique treat in the cover of Cheryl Cole's hit song "Parachute".
The tribute to Cole came just 24 hours following Cheryl was named as one of the judges on Simon Cowell's upcoming U.S. version of "X Factor" - with Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and Steve Jones also complete for the program.

Back to Selena, the 18-year-old was wearing clothes for her concert in an eye-catching silver dress in spite of blustery situation, as she told fans in audience, "I have a sweater and a jacket but I didn't desire to wear it. I'll be cold for you guys as I desire to wear this pretty thing."

Prior to kicking off her visit, Selena sat down with Seventeen Magazine about a range of subjects together with items in which she keeps in her beauty bag - with video available below.
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