Hugh Hefner, Fiancee Crystal Harris: No marriage Gifts, Please!

It's immediately a few weeks awaiting Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris lash the knot -- all the information are set, and the marriage invitations have been sent out.

But sooner than heading to Bed Bath and Beyond to make a registry, the pair has asked their 300 visitors to make gifts to select charities in lieu of contributions.

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"It was really Crystal's proposal and I thinking it was a great idea," the Playboy organizer tells Us Weekly. "The summit of it is, we don't require gifts. A lot of public are in need and the idea of generous to charity instead of giving gifts to us presently made sense."

The charities that Hefner, 85, and Harris, 24, liked include kids of the Night, an L.A.-based institution that's committed to ending kid prostitution; charity: water, a non-profit that aims to offer clean and safe drinking water to public in upward nations; and St. Jude children's Research Hospital. "No kid is denied treatment, and it's a amazing association," Hefner adds.

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The bride- and groom-to-be are "expecting a full house" for their marriage, due to get place at the (where else?) the Playboy hall in L.A. on June 18. As for wedding-day jitters, Hefner jokes, "We’re waiting for responses to our guest. If we don’t find enough responses, we won’t get wedded!"

But The Girls Next Door star is "very eager" about the big day. "Crystal is amazing and she's done a actually terrific job so far with all the preparation. She is the one for me!"
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