Lindsay Lohan makes clean breast of things for Leno

Discontinuous her cleavage in a low-cut top, actress Lindsay Lohan said she felt "kind of numb" following being sentenced to 120 days after bars for probation infringement.

"It was certainly shocking," Lohan told talk-show host Jay Leno in a taped dialogue that aired on Tuesday, her first community comments since she was for a short time locked up on Friday. "I was kind of numb."

Lohan, 24, greeted by a status ovation from at least one section of the excitable "Tonight Show" studio listeners, talked with Leno for about 10 minutes on Monday after he had ended taping that night's show.

The top half of her black aviator jumpsuit was generously unbuttoned; present an inadvertent peek whenever she gestured with her hands. After the friendly chat, she and Leno hugged and then clasped hands while ongoing their chat off-microphone.

Lohan was in prison for five hours on Friday, and will rest trial in June on a charge of stealing a $2,500 gold necklace from a Los Angeles jewels store. The judge ruled that the stealing charge was a violation of her 2007 trial for drunken driving, and sentenced her to 120 days in jail and 480 hours the public service. She was free on bail awaiting an appeal.

It was the newest setback in the actress' bid to renew a flagging film career, after nearly four years of trips to drug and alcohol rehab, and jail.

Leno asked if she ever thought she would end up in court over her newest alleged offense.

"Not when I was here when I was 12," she said with a laugh, referring to her "Tonight Show" debut as a spotted teenager promoting her breakthrough role in a restore of "The Parent Trap."

More critically, she added that her newest run-in with the justice organization was "certainly a wake-up call," and that she was "a big girl" who was taking liability for her misdeeds.

Lohan recognized some of her difficulty to achievement at an early age. "I think being youthful and being in the situation I was in, you don't actually take the time to be grateful for what you have, and it is all a kind of whirlwind and nation make decisions for you," Lohan told Leno.

"But I am not a child any longer. I am 24. I have made a lot of mistakes and I be familiar with that, but I am in the obvious now and if I stay alert, I will be able to realize what I want to achieve," Lohan added.